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Meet the Team – in a different way!

Rachelle, our remedial massage therapist, took on the task of asking the *hard* questions from the team at Personal Best!  Here are their answers - just for fun! Natasha Russell- Physiotherapist Favourite stretch or exercise? I just love walking, especially with my Nordic poles.  Calms the mind and freshens the body.   There are few things [...]

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A Team Approach to your Health

Teamwork and Outstanding Customer Service are two of our practice’s core values: We’re here to help you get back to normal, whatever that means for you, and we will do everything in our power to help you. We’ve had a few changes to our team over the past few months, so we thought it [...]

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Introducing Rachelle – Our Remedial Massage Therapist

As many of you know, we have been looking for a Remedial Massage Therapist to join our team and complement the services we provide at our practice.  After a long search we finally found someone!  Rachelle has spent the last few weeks getting acquainted with how we do things at Personal Best and her books [...]

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What I like to do when I’m not at work: Racquel

Some of you have already met Racquel (pronounced Rachel) who joined our team last month and is helping out at the front desk so that Mary can have an early mark one day a week and take holidays every now and then!   Racquel is a second year physio student at Charles Sturt University and after [...]

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Spring into the Garden – From Natasha

Well it's September already!  Some of you will know that gardening is a major hobby of mine.  It's great to unwind at the end of the week by putting your hands in dirt and creating a little bit of beauty around you.  Spring is without doubt my favourite time in the garden, as the longer [...]

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My First Year at Personal Best Physiotherapy: From Rob

It’s amazing how fast the past 12 months have flown by.  Starting at a new workplace always has its challenges — learning different systems and ways of doing things, but this has been one of the easiest transitions! Working with such a friendly team makes a big difference.  The support from the admin team [...]

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Introducing Pete!

Introducing Pete . . . Why did you become a Physio? As an active teenager I had a few sporting injuries but there was one in particular that left me unable to walk properly.  When my mother dragged me along to the physio I was amazed to learn that my back was causing the pain [...]

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Why I decided to become a physio – Rob

Throughout high-school, when trying to decide what career I wanted to pursue, I had considered physiotherapy but honestly didn’t know much about it! I’d never actually been to a physio myself and other interests at the time led me to working for a number of years in environmental management. What I hoped would be [...]

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Attention Physiotherapists:

Do you want to make your patients move and feel better, right in front of you? Are you frustrated with the results you're getting because of short appointments or a lack of mentoring? Do you get a real buzz from finding out the real cause of problems . . . . and then fixing [...]

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