Maneesha Sharma

.Maneesha completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2010 in India and commenced her career as a Physiotherapist in her hometown. Well known for her compassion and dedication to patient care, she excelled in her role, particularly in treating musculoskeletal conditions.

During her tenure spanning over seven years at a private practice, Maneesha served as a senior Physiotherapist, where her expertise and commitment positively impacted numerous patients. Her desire for professional growth and a deep affinity for Australia led her to relocate, seeking expanded opportunities in the field of Physiotherapy.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Maneesha finds joy in dancing, indulging in literature, and accompanying her husband on motorbike rides as a pillion passenger.

Maneesha will be in the practice five days a week, when she joins us in late July 2024