Injured playing sport?

Get back to your best – FAST!

Sports Injuries At Personal Best

If you’ve injured yourself playing sport, we’re here to help.

This starts with understanding how your injury occurred, then performing a good physical examination to give you a clear diagnosis.  Once we have a clear diagnosis, we use gentle treatment on Day 1 to decrease pain, reduce inflammation and assist the healing process.  Then we show you what you can do to help yourself at home.  Finally, we set out a plan for your recovery – so you know how long it will be before you are back to your sporting best.  All of this in your first appointment!

Acute injuries Ouch, that hurt!

There are 2 main types of sporting injuries: acute and overuse.  In acute injuries direct injury to a body part has occurred and you usually know exactly when it happened!  Something went “ouch!” and you may have heard or felt something “go.” The key to recovery is an accurate diagnosis, protection and support of the injured area and an early active recovery.

Overuse injuries Slowing you down!

In overuse injuries physical stress accumulates over time, usually weeks or months of training. The key to recovery is to work out why the problem has developed.  Too much intensity or frequency of training, faulty movement patterns or insufficient recovery are frequently at play.  Our physiotherapists ask the right questions to work out what is contributing to your pain, then follow-up with the right physical tests to confirm what is happening.  Once we know the main contributing factors we can address them with targeted treatment, exercises and advice.

What should you do next?

If you have injured yourself playing sport or doing your favourite fitness activity, you need help sooner rather than later!

Call our friendly front desk team on 02 6056 6616 and they can help you find a day and time that works for you to come in, see one of our experienced physiotherapists and get your recovery started.

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