What’s Happening at Personal Best this May?

Renovations on the new clinic have been running along smoothly and we now have a moving date - 22nd June! We will be closed over 3 days from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th June to move everything over and set up the practice, ready to open our doors on Monday 27th June at 8am. We can’t wait to welcome you into our new space and and start offering small group classes in our gym area.  Another bonus of having a gym area is that [...]

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Meet the Team – in a different way!

Rachelle, our remedial massage therapist, took on the task of asking the *hard* questions from the team at Personal Best!  Here are their answers - just for fun! Natasha Russell- Physiotherapist Favourite stretch or exercise? I just love walking, especially with my Nordic poles.  Calms the mind and freshens the body.   There are few things better than a walking holiday. Least favourite stretch or exercise? I really love most kinds of exercise, but my body doesn’t seem to like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) [...]

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Top Tips to help Manage Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy: From Tash

Abdominal pain when pregnant is very common.  The round ligament attaches from the vulva up to the uterus (see our picture below) and commonly gives a shooting pain on either side of the the lower abdomen or pubic area when moving too quickly. The pain felt will be short-lived, and sharp, and is often when quickly turning to the side, standing up or reaching up.  It should only be connected with movement and not persist afterwards.  This ligament becomes lengthened and thickened when pregnant, [...]

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What is Proprioception (and can you improve it)?

Proprioception is a very fancy word, and an equally fancy ability our brain uses every moment of every day without us being aware of it.  It is an ability that is needed to be able to do even the smallest task, but what exactly is proprioception? To put it simply, proprioception is our “Sixth Sense." It is the way our brain works out where and what our body is doing at any given moment.  Your brain is receiving information from your five senses all [...]

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From Mary at the Front Desk

We have had a busy last few months with Emma our massage therapist starting in December and Jayde our new physio starting in January.Our team has expanded to 7 - you can find out "who's who" at Personal Best by visiting our team page here. We offer massage 5 days a week now from 10am to 6pm. We also have physio appointments at our Wodonga clinic available from 8am to 6pm.The late appointments are always the first to fill so book ahead to get your [...]

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How to enjoy a guilt-free Easter:

Easter is just around the corner, and if you're anything like us, you like to indulge in a chocolate egg or two (or three).  Then there is the almost impossible-to-resist smell of warm hot cross buns toasted over a campfire on a beautiful Autumn morning. If you like to indulge a little over Easter, here's 5 tips for how to balance the input with output so you can enjoy those indulgences guilt-free: Get walking! Walking with a friend, family member or your dog is [...]

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