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So your Physio has recommended Massage as part of your treatment plan . . .

At Personal Best we have a team of physio's and remedial massage therapists with different skills, experience and interest areas. We recognise each other's strengths and work together to get the best results for our patients.  Sometimes your physio may recommend remedial massage as part of your treatment plan so I thought it may be [...]

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How can massage help stress management?

How can remedial massage help with managing stress ? Stress can be physical, so tension resulting in pain in the muscle, or mental stress as a result as returning to work, Covid 19, Christmas, self doubt or returning to sport after an injury. Remedial Massage aims to relieve stress by releasing tension with a range [...]

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What is Cupping?

What is Cupping? Our massage therapist Rachelle often uses cupping together with remedial massage, but what is it and what does it do?  Cupping involves using a special cup (either glass or plastic) which is suctioned to the skin, most commonly applied to the back and shoulders. Cupping helps remove toxins and reduce tightness in [...]

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