Tried and true tips from the team on how to manage common injuries and problems.

Treating Troubled Tendons

Tendon problems are very common in physiotherapy – you might have heard of them as Rotator Cuff Tears, Gluteal Tendinopathy, Achilles Tendinitis or Tennis Elbow.  All of these problems involve tendons that are either injured, swollen or sore, and in all cases these tendons are not working properly.  Recovery from a sore or injured tendon [...]

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Stay out of trouble this Christmas!

Ok, we don’t mind if you get into a little trouble - Its always interesting to “stir the pot” on Christmas day with family and relatives. What we’re really talking about here is avoiding unnecessary injury. Here are our top four tips for avoiding injuries this Christmas season: If you’re about to move a [...]

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Focus on Sciatica

Do you get a burning or shooting pain in the back of your leg when you stand or sit for too long? Do you experience numbness, pins and needles or tingling in your leg or foot? Are you looking for alternatives to tablets, injections or surgery to get rid of these symptoms? Sciatica [...]

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Focus on the knee – Patellofemoral Pain

Do you experience knee pain going up or down stairs? Does your knee ache if stuck in a bent position for too long, like when driving? Do your knees stop you enjoying special moments — like playing with your children or grandchildren? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, there [...]

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Kicking with the Wrong Foot – From Nathan

As some of you know I have two boys (Jonah and Callum) who both play soccer (Go the Boomers!) and so our weekends during winter are spent either standing on the sideline eating a sausage in bread or running up and down the sideline with a flag watching for offside players!  Personally I am finding [...]

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Needless to Say . . . From Natasha.

Great news! I have now finished my training to use dry needling to help people suffering from many painful conditions affecting the shoulder, neck, lower back, hip and knee.  The results with my patients speak for themselves, as patients get up from the treatment table with more flexibility and less pain on movement.  Dry needling [...]

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What happens when we practice? From Nathan

As some of you know, both of my boys play soccer and I have the absolute joy of watching them both play in the U12’s on a Sunday morning.  At this age the game starts to actually resemble soccer, with players learning to hold their positions and develop plays according to their strengths and what [...]

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Does your Child or Grandchild have knee pain?

Does your Child or Grandchild have Knee Pain? Knee pain often starts at the beginning of the new sporting season, where there is a relative increase in activity levels, putting more stress on joints and muscles that are not accustomed to the extra jumping, running or kicking. Sports that have a high incidence of knee [...]

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Why should you choose physio to help you?

As the owner of Personal Best Physiotherapy I try to regularly put myself in my patient’s shoes, to see if we are meeting our patients expectations.  A question that comes up from patients quite often is “What do you think of chiropractors?” or “How is Physio different to an Osteopath?” With so many options [...]

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