Pubic Symphysis pain is rather common amongst pregnant women and very painful!

The Pubic Symphysis is the joint that connects your 2 large pelvic bones together where they meet at the front of the body.  This joint has strong ligaments around it to hold it steady when you move, but in pregnancy, there is a rush of hormones including relaxin that softens these ligaments so the pelvis can be more flexible to allow for birth.

If there is excessive movement or friction occurring at this pubic symphysis you may experience pain, often quite localized in the front of the pelvis. Other factors such as lack of muscle tone, an extra high dose of relaxin, weight gain and poor posture can play into this situation, exacerbating your symptoms.

When the pubic symphysis becomes painful activities such as walking, rolling, twisting, getting out of a chair or traversing stairs can all become painful and limiting.  It is also often uncomfortable to move your legs apart.

Fortunately, there is a lot that an experienced physio can do to help relieve symptoms.  It is important to carefully assess the problem and formulate a plan, using tools such as taping, bracing, massage, dry needling and strengthening/stretching exercises.

If you think you are experiencing pubic symphysis pain, it’s best to give Mary a call at our front desk on 6056 6616 and make an appointment to see Natasha, our experienced physio with an interest in Women’s Health.