Great news! I have now finished my training to use dry needling to help people suffering from many painful conditions affecting the shoulder, neck, lower back, hip and knee.  The results with my patients speak for themselves, as patients get up from the treatment table with more flexibility and less pain on movement.  Dry needling is most useful when used in conjunction with a tailored physio program.

So what is Dry Needling?  Dry needling uses fine, sterile needles to treat tender points and tight bands in muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues.  It is a gentle but effective treatment which often works well when a patient’s pain levels are high.  For these patients, massage or manipulation can be quite painful, leaving the patient sore after treatment.  Dry needling can avoid this and help get the patient moving without “stirring them up.”

If you are suffering a painful condition and would like to try some dry needling, make an appointment
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