Attention Hip Pain Suffers

Over the past three months Natasha, Rob and Nathan have been working through a high quality training program on hip pain to help them get up-to-date on how to best treat different hip problems. Hip pain is very common and is one of the top 3 reasons patients come to see us (shoulder pain and low back pain are the other two in that Top 3 list). The two most common hip problems we see in our practice are Gluteal Tendon Pain (outer hip [...]

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What’s Happening at Personal Best this month?

Update to our Appointment Reminders We currently send out an SMS reminder to you the day before your appointment (assuming you have a mobile phone number registered with us). To help us manage our appointment diary we are asking you to respond to your appointment reminder with a simple Yes or No. This helps us firm up our appointments on any given day and means we can offer spots to people who call late in the afternoon for the following morning, or early [...]

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Country Basketball League Wrap-Up

During February I was busy on the basketball court with the Country Basketball League coming to an end. With the surrounding fires near Myrtleford we had one game rescheduled and two games cancelled, making the reschedule a must win to secure a spot in the semi-finals! We were fortunate enough to win against Wangaratta by 15 points which placed us in the top 4 with a grand final chance against Wodonga the following week. With Wodonga sitting on top of the ladder and [...]

My Journey of Running

This morning my heart went out to the anguish of my 9 year old, when facing another year’s swimming carnival, and the disappointments that come from not being naturally gifted with speed. My thoughts then journeyed to my own years of athletic carnivals (we didn’t have swimming carnivals), and the pain at coming last (or almost) in every race. “It doesn’t matter how you go, just do your best.” Except that it does matter, because everyone wants their team house to win. I [...]

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Should I try Dry Needling?

During 2019 I completed a lot of training in dry needling. Most recently, I have been learning“Integrated Dry Needling”. This has been fantastic! Quite simply it works a treat to reduce pain or allow better movement. It’s also very quick and usually painless. Here are a few questions I am regularly asked: What is Dry Needling? Is it like Acupuncture? Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and addresses imbalances in energy flows throughout the body. Dry Needling addresses tight bands and tender [...]

Remedial Massage Now Available at Personal Best!

Did you know ... Remedial Massage Therapy, which includes deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and cupping can help people with a wide range of problems, including: Shoulder Pain (there is often a component of muscular pain in many shoulder problems) Back Pain related to physical work (all tradies, handymen, gardeners...) Leg stiffness and soreness from sport, fitness or other activities Hip and Buttock Pain Adolescent athletes with tight muscles To celebrate Rachelle joining the team at Personal Best we would [...]