It is the age-old conundrum! Well-being comes in many different forms, from exercise and listening to music to gardening or enjoying a HOT coffee in silence.

How do we balance? This is something I had to learn since having my son whilst studying for 4 years full time, working part-time and trying to find time for me! Now I am finding the balance of combining work with a school aged boy, ensuring my son’s reading and homework are completed, dinners are made, lunches ready for the next day . . .  all whilst chasing my goal of becoming my strongest.

This brings me to the power of decisions.  The average adult makes 35, 000 decisions per day!  Did you know that Steve Jobs wore the same clothes every day to cut out a decision!? Furthermore, he always ate the same food.  He claimed it was one less decision he had to make, and he could channel that decision-making brainpower into his important spaces!

I don’t think I could eat or dress the same every day, but when I explored this idea, it sparked my curiosity.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I must do and I was always putting myself on the backburner.  I wanted to learn how to implement something similar in my life and how decision fatigue could be impacting me!

This led me to seek professional assistance for a workout plan, exploring different recipes and  developing a meal plan 5 days a week. Yes, it is 5 days, because for me I never stick to 7 days of meal planning. This keeps me accountable with fewer decisions – they are already made! There is nothing worse than turning up to the gym and having to decide what to do after a long day, or coming home from work or study and thinking  “What’s for tea?”  Personally,  I know that after making decisions all day at work I will find the path of least resistance and eat something that isn’t the healthiest choice, which is okay sometimes but not consistently.  Or I will skip the gym.  For me this can lead to unfavourable mental and physical health outcomes.

Deciding to have a workout schedule and meal planning with realistic goals helps me channel my energy and focus on my meaningful times with my family, work, and self-care. I have increased my chest press by 12kg over the past 3 months and spent more quality time with my family, instead of been scattered in thoughts, because I have routines that I have made.

If you want some help working out how to fit a fitness routine or healthy eating habits into your week book an appointment to see me – I love helping others get active and get more out of life with healthy (but practical) exercise and lifestyle choices.  You can make an appointment by calling Mary on 6056 6616, or send me an email by clicking here.