Every month we post this newsletter out to over
2000 past and present patients. My goal is to
provide you with up-to-date information about
common problems, keep you abreast of changes
in our practice and also share a little of what we
do outside of work!
We also publish a monthly newsletter with a
different flavor (more formal) which gets sent to
all of our referring doctors and specialists (we
have over 100 on our list now!).
One of our monthly tasks is to think about, write
and collate all of the information for both
newsletters. But this is only half of the work: to
put it into a newsletter which is easy to read,
easy on the eye and easy to follow takes
experience, skill and time. Anyone who has tried
doing this at home using a program like
Publisher will appreciate the effort required to
make a newsletter look really good.
Thankfully we have Mark at SNAP printing
Wodonga who does this for me! He is not only a
great designer but listens carefully to understand
what we are trying to achieve. The result is a
newsletter which we are proud to send out each
month—we believe it represents Personal Best
Physiotherapy accurately — professional,
hard-working and personal. Mark and the team
have also been a great help in designing other
resources like the worksheets we use in our
workshops and our Patient Guides on Back Pain,
Shoulder Pain, Hip and Knee Pain.
I would like to thank Mark and the team at SNAP
printing for their help this year—I am looking
forward to continuing this partnership in 2020!