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Is shoulder, hip or knee pain slowing you down, keeping you up or stopping you doing the activities you love?  Are you confused about the results of your x-ray, ultrasound or MRI?  Have you been given multiple explanations for your pain and now you’re not sure who to believe? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, one of our FREE patient workshops could be a game changer for you.  Our workshops help people understand their pain, the potential causes of their problem and what treatment options are available to them.  We want to share our knowledge, experience and results helping people in our region for over 10 years and there is no obligation to book in with us after attending one of our workshops.

Watch the video below to learn more, find our next workshop topic and date on our calendar, or send us an email to register for a workshop. 

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Our Next Workshop: KNEE PAIN

Due to the recent lockdown in regional Victoria, we cannot offer our face-to-face workshops.  As soon as things open up, we will post our next workshop date up here!