Ok, we don’t mind if you get into a little trouble – Its always interesting to “stir the pot” on Christmas day with family
and relatives. What we’re really talking about here is avoiding unnecessary injury. Here are our top tips for
avoiding injuries this Christmas season:

  • If you’re about to move a table, bed, pot plant of
    other heavy item to make room for guests, just wait
    until you have a spouse, friend or other family member to
    help you. This will save your back and multiple visits with
    us to safely guide your recovery!
  • If you’re catching up with kids or grandkids over the
    holiday season, ask yourself just how much running,
    monkey bars or ball sports you have played in the last 12
    months—this should be your guide to what is reasonable
    for YOUR body!
  • We know the weather is heating up and women like
    to be in open shoes, but if you know your foot needs
    support, buy a sandal, slide or thong with a decent heel
    cup and some arch support. Many brands offer open
    shoes with support and reasonable styling so there’s no
    excuse now!
  • Alcohol features on the menu for many people on
    Christmas day, often from lunch onwards . . .
    Enjoy yourself, share with others, but don’t be fooled
    into re-enacting physical feats from years gone by,
    including cart wheels, hand-stands or jumping over
    obstacles in the back yard (yep, we’ve seen ALL of
    these mechanisms of injury before!)