There are 2  types of sporting injuries – acute and overuse, and both can stop you playing or enjoying your sport.  Your first step to recovery is getting an accurate diagnosis, then a plan for your recovery.

  • 45 minute initial appointment with an experienced physiotherapist.
  • Quick referral for x-ray, ultrasound or MRI if needed.
  • Know when to return to training
  • Get the right remedial exercises for your injury
  • Hands-on help matched to your stage of recovery.

We have been helping active people get back to sport for a long time and we know which injuries go with which sports.   Check out our Common Sporting injuries  – If your injury is listed you know we have seen lots of people just like you and we know how to get you back to your best.


Common Sporting Injuries


  • Ankle sprain
  • All knee problems
  • Jarred finger
  • Tight lower back


  • Shoulder pain
  • Tight back


  • Pulled calf
  • Shin splints
  • Hip and buttock pain
  • Recurrent hamstring pain
  • Lower back soreness

Football and Soccer

  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Groin pain
  • Shin pain
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