At the clinic: As part of our Personal Best Physiotherapy VIP page I’ve been creating a video each week for our “Ask a physio” segment. This is a great opportunity for our past and present patients to ask a question about anything related to exercise, movement or activity. We’ve already answered some great questions about
how best to sleep with a sore hip, how to improve your sitting posture and why 10k steps might not be the best goal for exercise. This is only available through our
VIP Facebook page so make sure you join up so you can access this content and ask any of those burning questions you might have.
At home: With the recent COVID restrictions all paragliding got banned so I’ve had to find other ways to get outdoors. I decided to dust of the long-neglected
mountain bike and hit the local trails. Unfortunately the trails decided to hit back and I required a trip to Bright hospital and 5 stitches in my knee! All is mending well though and be getting back out there soon 🙂