Age should not be a barrier to leading an active, healthy lifestyle, but there’s no denying that our body changes as we get older and you may feel yours is starting to let you down.   Knowing what the problem is and what your options are for treatment is important.

  • 45 minute initial appointment with an experienced physiotherapist
  • Up to date information about options for treatment
  • Work with your doctor to co-ordinate physiotherapy with your overall health plan.
  • Hands-on help to get you moving again
  • The right exercises for your injury –backed by research and experience.

We have been helping people of all ages stay active for a long time, so we know what sort of problem you might have – Are you in our ‘top 5’ ?

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Common Symptoms


  • Pain to lift your arm
  • Sleep on your side
  • Weakness to use the shoulder


  • Pain with walking, standing on one leg or getting out of the car


  • Pain with walking, stairs, bending or sitting for too long

Lower back

  • Stiff and sore in the morning, after gardening, or with too much walking or standing


  • Pain to turn the head
  • Stiff and sore on waking
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