Update to our Appointment Reminders
We currently send out an SMS reminder to you the day before your appointment (assuming you have a mobile phone number registered with us). To help us manage our appointment diary we are asking you to respond to your appointment reminder with a simple Yes or No. This helps us firm up our appointments on any given day and means we can offer spots to people who call late in the afternoon for the following morning, or early in the morning for the same day. You can reply at any time, but if we haven’t heard from you by 4pm Mary or Racquel will give you a call just to make sure you’re aware of your appointment for the following day.
Natasha’s New Hours – Yes, we told you in our last newsletter what everyone’s hours would be for 2020, but things change and this will benefit a number of patients. Tradies, school kids and those who work “9-5” will be happy to hear I am opening up some earlier and later appointments to help these patients. My new
hours are: Mon, Thurs & Fri 8am to 4pm
Tuesday 9am to 6pm
Wednesday Day Off