After a very uncertain 2020 where we were reacting to events around us (not my favourite “modus operandi”) we are back on a more strategic path this year, with several exciting and important things happening in our practice.  We  are moving to larger premises this year and this is a very significant step: it will give us space to grow into but more importantly, allow us to fulfill our Mission, which is to help our patients move, feel and live better.  We will have a good-size rehabilitation gym for both 1on 1 exercise prescription and small group strength classes—we are really excited about developing and delivering these services.  A total of 5 consulting rooms will allow us to expand the range of services we provide and we will be asking you about your preferences later in the year.

I am very excited about our current team  – everyone is “raising the bar” and has benefits for you! Natasha is beginning the journey to become a Titled Women’s Health physio, Rachelle is half-way through her diploma of Myotherapy, Tim is rapidly learning as much as he can and Mary and I are following a process to help us become better leaders, so we can grow our practice but still stick to our core values.

2021 is an exciting year for Personal Best and I am excited to share our progress with you as we work towards our vision.