There’s ALWAYS something happening at our practice!

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to lately:

  • Our workshops continue to be popular for people wanting helpful and accurate information about particular problems.  This year we have been hosting a monthly Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff workshop as there are a lot of people struggling with shoulder or arm pain in the community.  If you want to come along to our next shoulder workshop just call Mary or Judy at our practice on 6056 6616 and find out the next available date.  They are always on a Saturday and are often booked out, so you must register to save you seat.
  • Natasha has been implementing her new skills in dry needling since returning from a course in May and getting great results with her many patients.  This is particularly useful if you don’t respond well to hard or firm massage or manipulation.  If you want to try it out, book an appointment with Natasha this month!
  • We have a new staff member, Judy Bohun, who is training for a front desk role.  No, Mary is not leaving – but we need someone to help us out so Mary can take a well-earned holiday every now and then.  Judy is learning the ropes pretty quickly – if you meet her at your next appointment please give her a warm welcome!
  • Nathan has been working with Dr Andrew Kong and Dr Richard Jurevics from I-Med Radiology to provide seminars to local doctors on topics related to muscle, joint and nerve pain.  This helps YOU because when your doctor, physiotherapist and radiologist all speak the same language you will get the answers you need quickly . . . not to mention saving you money by avoiding having the WRONG scans ordered for your problem!