Pete : Leo the furry labradoodle member of my family has just turned 1 year old. Because there was quite a lot of mess, chewing and destruction as he settled into our family I have been putting some effort into consistent training over the last few months. It has been slow progress but he is now a lovely dog who shows a little more restraint.
Professionally, I attended a course on treating low back pain in April (McKenzie Part A) which was fantastic. Some of you may have heard of the McKenzie approach to treating back and neck pain – it is very effective and I have been working on implementing some of the great ideas from that course with our patients with back pain at Personal Best Physiotherapy.

Nathan: As we get into winter I am making a concerted effort to keep up my cycling 3 days a week. This means donning the warm gear (up to 3 layers plus gloves and ear warmers) for my mid-week morning rides and making sure my light is charged the night before. I can handle the cold (I rode a bike to school in Canberra’s winters…) so its only the damp, wet mornings that muck up my routine. I just have to get through July and August, then it will all get much easier!
On a professional note, I have been updating my knowledge and skills in the area of neck pain and neck-related headache. Treating neck pain successfully draws on a lot of the same problem solving skills needed to treat the lower back and I am already improving the quality of treatment I provide for my neck pain patients.