A good night sleep is very important for ones health. Although sometimes this is easier said than done. This can be because of numerous factors including pain, stress and medical conditions. But can also be that you are:

– Finding it hard to concentrate throughout the day
– Your feeling fatigued throughout the day.
– Feeling grumpy, moody or not as refreshed
– Easily forgetting things
Sleep allows the body to heal itself and provides growth. Sleep is thought to also keep your heart, blood vessels and immune system strong but sleep can also help with memory and learning. Various research has stated that adults require between 7-8 hours a night while children require at least nine hours
But how do you know if your getting enough sleep? To know if your getting enough sleep you may experience the following:
– Not being tired during the day
– You can stay focused throughout the day
– Your energy during the day is good
– Your asleep within 20min of laying down.
So what can you do to improve your sleep?
There are a number of ways to improve sleep and these include:
– setting and sticking to a routine- same bedtime and wake up time everyday
– Leaving electronics like phones, iPads and laptops out of the bedroom to prevent distraction.
– Avoid eating big or spicy meals two to three hours before bed.
– Creating a relaxing environment and ritual before bed.
Feel free to share your tips or tricks about how you get a good nights sleep