The end of the year is fast approaching and with silly season just around the corner it’s important to remember to look after your body – particularly your neck and shoulders. Many of our clients spend increased time at desks and computer stations to get a project finished before the end of the year. Whilst it is normal to get some minor, temporary neck and shoulder pain doing this, if it persists please call the practice as in most cases physio can help. Remember stress often accumulates in the neck and shoulders so if the thought of Christmas shopping is making you tense book in for a remedial massage now or in advance for December!

In this month’s video Jen and I go over 3 exercises for the shoulder that are often done incorrectly. If you have a shoulder problem and Jen or I have given you some exercises you need to watch this video – don’t waste your time doing shoulder exercises the wrong way!

Last week we started our Better Back class and with some feedback from our participants we are going to increase the challenge of some of the exercise sequences. Thankyou to our participants for
beginning this journey with us as we look to develop a small group back class that really does produce results. It sounds clique but we really do want your feedback on what we do at PBP so we can help you move well and enjoy the activities that are important to you – feel free to send us an email or even drop in and have a chat to me, Jen or Mary.

Look out for our December video – it should be a cracker!