How can massage help stress management?

How can remedial massage help with managing stress ? Stress can be physical, so tension resulting in pain in the muscle, or mental stress as a result as returning to work, Covid 19, Christmas, self doubt or returning to sport after an injury. Remedial Massage aims to relieve stress by releasing tension with a range [...]

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Weekend Wellness – Hydration

Now that the weather is warming up this means keeping on top of your water intake to help prevent dehydration. This is something that comes easy for some people however others have trouble drinking the suggested requirements of around 2 litres per day. Water is important for maintaining health, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, [...]

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From the Front Desk: Update from Mary

With the recent developments of COVID-19 my days have become even busier!  We have always maintained a high standard of infection control in the clinic but we have ramped this up over the past two months.  I am regularly cleaning all high-touch surfaces throughout the day including door handles, chairs, front desk surfaces and our [...]

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What’s Happening at Personal Best In May?

We mailed our most recent issue of PhysioNews last week and as I did I reflected on the fact we have been adapting to restrictions related to coronavirus for about six weeks.  It has been a challenging six weeks for me and my team and I am sure many of you feel the same way.  [...]

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Country Basketball League Wrap-Up

During February I was busy on the basketball court with the Country Basketball League coming to an end. With the surrounding fires near Myrtleford we had one game rescheduled and two games cancelled, making the reschedule a must win to secure a spot in the semi-finals! We were fortunate enough to win against Wangaratta [...]

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A Team Approach to your Health

Teamwork and Outstanding Customer Service are two of our practice’s core values: We’re here to help you get back to normal, whatever that means for you, and we will do everything in our power to help you. We’ve had a few changes to our team over the past few months, so we thought it [...]

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Our Christmas Memories

Mary One Christmas memory that stands out is from when I was around 11 years old. I was desperate to have a camera of my own. Opening up my Kodak Instamatic Camera on Christmas morning I was so excited. After loading the film I took a couple of photos then asked my older brother [...]

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Stay out of trouble this Christmas!

Ok, we don’t mind if you get into a little trouble - Its always interesting to “stir the pot” on Christmas day with family and relatives. What we’re really talking about here is avoiding unnecessary injury. Here are our top tips for avoiding injuries this Christmas season: If you’re about to move a table, [...]

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Our Video Library

A few years back I started shooting some basic videos with helpful information on the most common conditions and problems we see in our practice.  Recently I set myself a goal of shooting one new video per month.  I send these videos out via email, and they can be accessed on our YouTube channel. We [...]

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