Well it’s September already!  Some of you will know that gardening is a major hobby of mine.  It’s great to unwind at the end of the week by putting your hands in dirt and creating a little bit of beauty around you.  Spring is without doubt my favourite time in the garden, as the longer days and brighter light seem full of possibilities of growth and productivity.

Every year I relish the opportunity to start sowing my summer vegie seeds.  I tend to overdo the number of plants I want to grow, with unrealistic expectations of what my space will accommodate.  This year is likely to be no different, although as always I promise myself that I’ll reign it in a bit and not overcrowd the plants (we’ll see!)

As an over-enthusiast, I have a favourite home-made seed raising mix of vermiculite, sand, and a coir block soaked in seasol and powerfeed.  It’s light, aerated and full of nutrients to allow the new roots to get a great head start.  Last year I experimented with planting the seeds in egg cartons so I didn’t disturb the plants when transplanting, but I found the roots quickly became too big before I was ready to transplant the seedlings.  So this year it’s back to the good ol’plastic mini pots with a tray underneath them.  For something different I have put sand in the trays so the pots can draw the moisture up from below but don’t get soggy roots.

This year I’m trying to keep it simple, sowing cherry tomato seeds, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and some lettuces.  We have a lovely big north window that is just beckoning for some little pots to put beside it.  It’s a great place for those little plants when it’s still too cold to put them outside.

I would love to hear your top tips for getting the summer vegies off to a great start.  Feel free to drop us a line via our email: [email protected] or let us know when you are in next.

Happy Gardening!