As a few of you might already know Mary, Jen and I have been busy rebranding our practice over the last 2 months and we are pleased to say we are almost there! So why would we create all this hard work for ourselves? Well, as we look to offer more services to our clients we wanted to update our look to reflect that – professional, caring and committed to providing only the best in physiotherapy and other allied health services.

So what’s in it for you?

For starters, we want you to watch the first in our “How To” video series – these videos help explain exercises better than any handout and our first one teaches you how to stretch your hips properly and safely. We hope you like it!

Second, we are really excited to announce that we will be running a pilot program of our Better Back class over 4 weeks before the year’s end. This is something Jen, Mary and I have been working on hard and we wanted to get the foundations right before offering it to our clients. This program will improve your posture, spinal flexibility and core strength and includes exercise sequences from pilates, yoga and resistance training in a format that will challenge you safely. We were able to offer this to 4 participants only and if all goes well we will be running this small group class (maximum of 8 people at a time) again early in 2017. If this interests you please email or call Mary and lodge your interest with us.

Third, we are hoping to add a new team member next year in the form a remedial massage therapist. This will allow us to offer a dedicate massage service for anyone who wants massage but who doesn’t have an acute or pressing injury. Keep a look-out for who this will be!

There’s lots happening at Personal Best and we want to give you, our clients, great value for choosing us to keep you in great physical health.