It’s amazing how fast the past 12 months have flown by.  Starting at a new workplace always has its challenges — learning different systems and ways of doing things, but this has been one of the easiest transitions! Working with such a friendly team makes a big difference.  The support from the admin team is amazing in keeping everything in order, leaving much more energy for planning care for patients.

In the last year the clinic has a really strong focus on developing our professional skills. I’ve been lucky enough to attend courses on back and shoulder pain as well as tendon related problems.  After attending these courses we always bring this knowledge back to the clinic to share with the other therapists.  Over the next twelve months I’m hoping to further my knowledge base with some additional external courses.

Tash and Nathan have also been really generous with their mentoring.  Having dedicated time to discuss complex cases and problem solve solutions has been great for my critical thinking and means better outcomes for patients too.  The development sessions Tash facilitates also lets us share and challenge our ways of doing things to make sure we’re always on top of our game.

It’s also been great to have the opportunity to contribute material to this monthly newsletter. I’ve always had a strong interest in helping people increase their activity levels so developing articles on topics such as starting a walking program has been great fun. I’ve had some good feedback regarding these articles and hope to develop some more in the future.  Outside of work I’ve had a great year exploring the best bits of the north-east. As I’m originally from Melbourne it’s been fantastic to have mountains on your doorstep and there’s always something new to see. If I can find a house with a decent shed this year I hope I can get stuck in to a few more woodwork projects and practice my welding skills a bit more.

As we’re already racing through autumn I’m looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring.