So what’s this got to do with a sore shoulder or stiff back?

The first thing in common with my creaky bike and the human body is that I KNOW if I don’t attend to it soon the creaking will get worse AND my bike will start to show other symptoms – the most likely being ‘stiffness’ of the bottom bracket. I have ignored minor mechanical symptoms in the past and it always results in more costs down the track.

This is EXACTLY the same as our freely moving joints like the hip, shoulder and knee – ignore early symptoms and you will pay down the track!

The second thing in common with my bike and the human body is that it’s best to see an expert to get the problem properly diagnosed and treated or fixed.

Notice that I checked for a simple fix for my bike but once I realised that wasn’t the solution I mentally made the decision to take it to the bike shop instead.

The analogy for you is that it’s fine to try the simple fix like Neurofen, or a quick massage from the guy down the road that does them on the cheap. But when that doesn’t work you, know it’s time to see an expert to find out what’s wrong and what your options are to fix it.