As restrictions have relaxed a little we are no longer staggering patient appointments. We still have only 2 therapists consulting at one time to limit people in the waiting room and we ask that you continue to arrive at your appointment time. If you arrive early please wait in your car. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and we ask that you use this when you enter the clinic. We have re-opened on Wednesdays with Nathan seeing patients in the morning and Rachelle has availability all day on Wednesdays. If Wednesdays is your better day for coming in to the clinic please call me or Racquel and we will find a time that works for you.
During April we set up our VIP Facebook Group with helpful, practical and inspiring resources for our past and present patients. In this group you will find our
weekly Ask a Physio video, offers available to our past and present patients, links to resources and wins we want to share with you. To Join, go to Facebook, search
“Personal Best Physiotherapy VIP Group” and hit ‘join’.
Outside of work I have been enjoying going on long brisk walks. I have been trying to challenge myself by incorporating some jogging and trying to extend this
each time. I have to remember that it is a slow process but I am really enjoying it.