As the 2019 AFL, soccer, netball and hockey seasons begin there will be lots of kids returning to training and games – which means there are lots of kids doing a whole lot of running and sport they haven’t been doing over summer!
One of the most common problems we see for active kids and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 16 years old is Heel Pain. Though there are many
causes of heel pain, in this age group the most common is a condition called Sever’s Disease. Pain is usually well localised to the heel area and can be
minor, only coming on after sport, or quite severe, causing the young athlete to stop mid-match! It is caused by the repetitive pulling and/or compression of the achilles tendon where it attaches to the heel bone.
The main factors contributing to the development of Sever’s Disease are a sudden increase in activity (start of the season is a big one) and relative shortening of the calf muscles as the young athlete is growing – often their bones are getting longer but the muscles are struggling to keep up. Foot shape and footwear may also play a role.
If your son, daughter or grandchild has heel pain with sport it must be taken seriously and not just dismissed as “growing pains.” If detected early it can be managed effectively, reducing the total time the young athlete is “out of action.” Treatment includes modifying training, using ice regularly, reviewing footwear and getting some effective hands-on treatment.
For further help for heel pain, give Mary a call at the front desk on 6056 6616, find a time after school that works for you to bring in your son, daughter of grandchild and we can give you the right treatment and advice to help them stay on the field . . . and enjoy their 2019 season of sport!