What’s Happening at Personal Best in August?

Rob has returned to work after a three week adventure hiking and paragliding in Tajikistan! If you are a patient of Rob's and need to book in an appointment for a new or existing problem, please call Mary at our front desk on 6056 6616 and she will help you find a time to come [...]

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Help Us Find Our Next Team Member!

Last month we ran a competition asking our past and present patients who our next team member should be.  Thank you to everyone who participated - we really do value and listen to your feedback. The overwhelming response was that we should hire a remedial massage therapist to complement our physiotherapy service and so now [...]

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Kicking with the Wrong Foot – From Nathan

As some of you know I have two boys (Jonah and Callum) who both play soccer (Go the Boomers!) and so our weekends during winter are spent either standing on the sideline eating a sausage in bread or running up and down the sideline with a flag watching for offside players!  Personally I am finding [...]

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What are our Physio’s up to lately? Part 2

Pete : Leo the furry labradoodle member of my family has just turned 1 year old. Because there was quite a lot of mess, chewing and destruction as he settled into our family I have been putting some effort into consistent training over the last few months. It has been slow progress but he is [...]

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What are our Physio’s up to lately? Part 1

Rob: I'm currently training and getting organised for a paragliding trip to Tajikistan in July.  I'll be spending three weeks hiking and flying over some big mountains so I need to get used to long days with a heavy pack!  Lots of walking up hills and cross-country skiing is helping to keep the fitness up. [...]

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What’s Happening at Personal Best in July? From Nathan

There's ALWAYS something happening at our practice! Here's some of what we've been up to lately: Our workshops continue to be popular for people wanting helpful and accurate information about particular problems.  This year we have been hosting a monthly Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff workshop as there are a lot of people struggling with [...]

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Needless to Say . . . From Natasha.

Great news! I have now finished my training to use dry needling to help people suffering from many painful conditions affecting the shoulder, neck, lower back, hip and knee.  The results with my patients speak for themselves, as patients get up from the treatment table with more flexibility and less pain on movement.  Dry needling [...]

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What happens when we practice? From Nathan

As some of you know, both of my boys play soccer and I have the absolute joy of watching them both play in the U12’s on a Sunday morning.  At this age the game starts to actually resemble soccer, with players learning to hold their positions and develop plays according to their strengths and what [...]

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