How to keep your neck straight and strong

If your work involves prolonged sitting or if you have recently started studying, chances are you have developed a sore neck at some point in time. In this month’s video Jen and Nathan show you three simple yet effective exercises for keeping your neck straight and strong, which in turn protects you from [...]

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Take care of yourself this silly season – Part 2

In our last email (Part 1) we reminded all office workers about neck pain from increased hours at the desk and the benefits of physiotherapy if you are feeling sore in the neck and shoulder region.  With Christmas now only 2 weeks away  it’s a perfect time to remind you how to take care [...]

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Take care of yourself this silly season – Part 1

The end of the year is fast approaching and with silly season just around the corner it’s important to remember to look after your body – particularly your neck and shoulders. Many of our clients spend increased time at desks and computer stations to get a project finished before the end of the year. Whilst [...]

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Meet Jen and get your Niggles sorted this August

As many of you know, Laura finished working at Personal Best Physio last month to embark on a new adventure with Rehabilitation Outcomes in Albury - Mary, Jaclyn, Ann and I wish her all the best in her new role. This has opened an opportunity for another Physio to join our practice and we are [...]

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