Does your Child or Grand Child have Heel Pain?

As the 2019 AFL, soccer, netball and hockey seasons begin there will be lots of kids returning to training and games – which means there are lots of kids doing a whole lot of running and sport they haven’t been doing over summer! One of the most common problems we see for active kids [...]

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My first year at Personal Best Physiotherapy —From Natasha

Well I’ve been here a whole year now at this fabulous physio practice – and what a year! It’s been a privilege to work with this great team.  I have a real love of learning and teaching, so Nathan has seized these traits and privileged me with the responsibility of professional development and mentoring [...]

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Introducing Pete!

Introducing Pete . . . Why did you become a Physio? As an active teenager I had a few sporting injuries but there was one in particular that left me unable to walk properly.  When my mother dragged me along to the physio I was amazed to learn that my back was causing the pain [...]

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Why I decided to become a physio – Rob

  Throughout high-school, when trying to decide what career I wanted to pursue, I had considered physiotherapy but honestly didn’t know much about it! I’d never actually been to a physio myself and other interests at the time led me to working for a number of years in environmental management. What I hoped would [...]

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What is Load Management

In physiotherapy we often talk about “load management”, especially when we are planning your return to normal activities.  What do we mean when we use this turn of phrase? Our bodies have a range of activity within which they can operate safely.  This reflects your capacity for movement or activity and the type and intensity [...]

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Five Tips for Starting a Running Program

Last month I wrote about how to start a walking program to avoid injury – this month I’m giving you my top five tips for starting a running program. There are many reasons to start a running program including improving your energy levels, assisting weight loss or running for a cause. If you are new [...]

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Five Tips for Starting a Walking Program

Walking is a fantastic activity to kick start your fitness in the last month of winter. It doesn’t require any special equipment, you can do it anywhere and it’s much more gentle on your knees than running. I use it as a way to unwind after work and keep fit for adventures on the weekend. [...]

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The Truth About Getting Older – Part 1

  Listening carefully to our patients is an essential skill in helping them to reduce pain, restore strength and return to normal activities.  As I listen to what our patients say in the clinic, a recurring theme emerges: “Don’t get old.” Whether this is said tongue in cheek or in a more regretful tone, [...]

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Dear Physiotherapist

Do you want to make your patients move and feel better, right in front of you? Are you frustrated with the results you're getting because of short appointments or a lack of mentoring? Do you get a real buzz from finding out the real cause of problems . . . . and then fixing [...]

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