Tried and true tips from the team on how to manage common injuries and problems.

Treating Troubled Tendons

  Tendon problems are very common in physiotherapy – you might have heard of them as Rotator Cuff Tears, Gluteal Tendinopathy, Achilles Tendinitis or Tennis Elbow.  All of these problems involve tendons that are either injured, swollen or sore, and in all cases these tendons are not working properly.  Recovery from a sore or injured [...]

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Knee Osteoarthritis?

Have you been told you have osteoarthritis of your knee? In your knee you have an area of cartilage between your bones to provide some cushioning and support through the joint. Over time you can get degeneration of the cartilage, which can start to irritate your knee and become quite sore. Physiotherapy is strongly recommended [...]

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Top Tips for a sore tailbone:

Sore tailbone!? The tailbone or coccyx refers to the final 2-4 small segments of the spine that are fused together.  You can hurt your tailbone by falling on to the area, or through sustained pressure from a poor sitting position. Check out a great video by Rob, one of our physiotherapists, on simple things you [...]

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An update from Natasha

At the clinic: As someone who particularly enjoys treating shoulders, I took over the job of organising and hosting our shoulder workshop as a webinar over the past few months. These have been valuable, but I’m definitely glad to go back to our face-to-dace workshops at Felltimber Community Centre as soon as we can. [...]

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Update on Hip Pain, From Natasha

Over the first three months of this year I led our physiotherapists (Rob, Nathan and me) through an intensive on-line training program on hip pain.  This covered common hip conditions to answer questions such as: - When do you need to get imaging for your hip problem? - Can Physiotherapy help for your particular hip [...]

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