Top Tip Thursday- Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Its very common condition we see here at PBP. Plantar Fascia is a thick tough band of connective tissue that attaches to our heel to our toes. It helps support our arch of the foot and acts as a spring when walking and running. You can get a little bit of irritation or degeneration at attachment point on the heel, typically this where people with plantar fasciitis experience pain. ▶️ To find out more on how to exercise with plantar fasciitis head to [...]

Top Tip Thursday- Sore Tailbone

Sore tailbone!? The tailbone or known as the coccyx bone is a bony structure at the bottom of the spine. People often hurt their tailbone by falling on to the area, can be a result of wear and tear of the area and increased time sitting and poor posture. There are few simple things you can do to adjust your posture to take pressure off your tailbone by putting a rolled up towel behind your back. To find out more about what you can [...]

Weekend Wellness- Stretching

Stretching for some is something we can sometimes struggle with. Stretching helps with the flexibility and strength of muscles. This allows movements to become easier and get you moving at your best! Stretching can also assist with the prevention of injury when participating in sport and exercise. Now is the perfect time to get in some stretching on a regular basis to make the return to the season a smooth one! Need a stretching routine? Check out our video library under "help at home" [...]

Weekend Wellness- Sleep

A good night sleep is very important for ones health. Although sometimes this is easier said than done. This can be because of numerous factors including pain, stress and medical conditions. But can also be that you are: - Finding it hard to concentrate throughout the day - Your feeling fatigued throughout the day. - Feeling grumpy, moody or not as refreshed - Easily forgetting things Sleep allows the body to heal itself and provides growth. Sleep is thought to also keep your [...]

Weekend Wellness- Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH As we have entered a second round of lockdown, it hits a bit differently. Things have once again changed and priorities have or may have shifted and some shouldn’t be neglected especially Mental Health. Some haven’t seen family, some can’t do the same outdoor activities or socialising that we enjoy. This lockdown, it can be overwhelming but don’t be afraid to speak up. It’s ok to not be ok. Call a friend or family member, go for a walk, create a [...]

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An update from Natasha

At the clinic: As someone who particularly enjoys treating shoulders, I took over the job of organising and hosting our shoulder workshop as a webinar over the past few months. These have been valuable, but I’m definitely glad to go back to our face-to-dace workshops at Felltimber Community Centre as soon as we can. Workshops are a great opportunity to teach people with shoulder or arm pain how to work out what might be going on for them. We also bust a lot [...]