Treating Troubled Tendons

Tendon problems are very common in physiotherapy – you might have heard of them as Rotator Cuff Tears, Gluteal Tendinopathy, Achilles Tendinitis or Tennis Elbow.  All of these problems involve tendons that are either injured, swollen or sore, and in all cases these tendons are not working properly.  Recovery from a sore or injured tendon takes time – what you thought might be a “few weeks” of exercises and physio can sometimes turn out to be 3 months or more.  So what are the [...]

2020- A year to remember

From Nathan Mobbs If I had to pick one word to describe 2020 I would say “tough.” COVID has impacted all of us in different ways and the ripple effects are yet to come. There have been impacts on work, kids schooling, relationships with grandchildren, personal fitness routines, our own mental health . . . .even our “worldview” (Will we ever be able to travel overseas again?).As a practice owner, I feel fortunate that I have been able to keep Personal Best open, continue [...]

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How can massage help stress management?

?How massage can help with managing stress ? Stress can be physical, so tension resulting in pain in the muscle or mental stress as a result as returning to work, Covid 19, Christmas, self doubt or returning to sport after an injury. Massage aims to relieve stress by releasing tension with a range of techniques including; cupping, remedial techniques, deep or soft tissue massage to help relax and loosen the muscles. Furthermore reduce pain and tightness to help the patient feel relaxed and destressed. [...]

Weekend Wellness- Hydration

Now that the weather is warming up this means, keeping on top of your water intake to help prevent dehydration. This is something that comes easy for most people however some people have trouble reaching the suggested requirements of around 2 litres. Water is important for maintaining health, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulation of body temperature, cushioning of joints and moisturising the skin. To change it up, I occasionally add a infusing tea bag or a couple of slices of lemon, orange [...]

Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis In our knee we have an area of cartilage between our bones to provide some cushioning and support through the joint. Over time we can get degeneration of the cartilage from wear and tear of everyday life. This can start to irritate the knee and become quite sore and as a result we can get degeneration of bony tissue. Physiotherapy is strongly recommended for those with osteoarthritis to help with their mobility, function and reduce pain. To find out more on what [...]