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What is Load Management

In physiotherapy we often talk about “load management”, especially when we are planning your return to normal activities.  What do we mean when we use this turn of phrase? Our bodies have a range of activity within which they can operate safely.  This reflects your capacity for movement or activity and the type and intensity [...]

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Five Tips for Starting a Running Program

Last month I wrote about how to start a walking program to avoid injury – this month I’m giving you my top five tips for starting a running program. There are many reasons to start a running program including improving your energy levels, assisting weight loss or running for a cause. If you are new [...]

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Five Tips for Starting a Walking Program

Walking is a fantastic activity to kick start your fitness in the last month of winter. It doesn’t require any special equipment, you can do it anywhere and it’s much more gentle on your knees than running. I use it as a way to unwind after work and keep fit for adventures on the weekend. [...]

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The Truth About Getting Older – Part 1

  Listening carefully to our patients is an essential skill in helping them to reduce pain, restore strength and return to normal activities.  As I listen to what our patients say in the clinic, a recurring theme emerges: “Don’t get old.” Whether this is said tongue in cheek or in a more regretful tone, [...]

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Dear Physiotherapist

Do you want to make your patients move and feel better, right in front of you? Are you frustrated with the results you are getting because of short appointments, a lack of mentoring or having the wrong type of patients on your appointment book? Do you get a real buzz from finding out the [...]

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How to reduce knee pain – without injections or surgery.

  Is knee pain slowing you down? Do you avoid stairs, inclines or bending down for fear of pain? Do you feel like your knees need "oiling" in the morning to get going? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Knee pain or knee soreness is the third most common [...]

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Don’t let knee pain put the brakes on your life!

Don’t let knee pain put the brakes on your life! Is knee pain slowing you down? Do you hesitate before climbing stairs? Have a limp in your gait? Knee pain affects patients of all ages and interferes with a range of activities from everyday movement to gardening, walking and playing sport.  If left untreated [...]

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Four steps to reduce back pain

Without doubt, back pain is the most common reason people seek help from us.  Every week we treat dozens of patients with back pain that is affecting their everyday activities, work, fitness routine and sport. We are always learning and updating our knowledge on the best treatment methods for back pain. Our fantastic physiotherapist [...]

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The three best exercises for hip pain

In this month's video Jen Sartor and Nathan Mobbs from Personal Best Physiotherapy Albury Wodonga show you the three best exercises for pain on the outside of the hip.  The most common hip problem in active women over 40 is known as gluteal tendinopathy or greater trochanteric pain. If this is you, please watch [...]

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How to keep your neck straight and strong

If your work involves prolonged sitting or if you have recently started studying, chances are you have developed a sore neck at some point in time. In this month’s video Jen and Nathan show you three simple yet effective exercises for keeping your neck straight and strong, which in turn protects you from [...]

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