At the clinic: As someone who particularly enjoys treating shoulders, I took over the job of organising and hosting our shoulder workshop as a webinar over the past few months. These have been valuable, but I’m definitely glad to go back to our face-to-dace workshops at Felltimber Community Centre as soon as we can. Workshops are a great opportunity to teach people with shoulder or arm pain how to work out what might be going on for them. We also bust a lot of myths along the way! If you or someone you know has shoulder or arm pain, do come along! Call Mary or Racquel on 6056 6616 and register—we will walk you through the rest!
At home: As an emerging overnight hiker, married to an experienced hiker, it has been exciting to see the enthusiasm of our 9 year old son toward longer and longer alpine walks. This month we did a day walk with another family along the big walk (9km each way walking up Mt Buffalo). I did this walk for the first time last month with a couple of girlfriends, which was super fun. Whilst Covid restricted us to no camping trips these holidays. We are looking forward to restrictions easing and getting a camping trip in soon. Please send in your suggestions where we should go!